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Importance of Tech in Education

Schools need support that allows their students to excel—and that includes a reliable IT environment that can evolve rapidly from K-12 into post-secondary education. From software and technology that reinforces learning both in-person and remotely, to ensuring the security and safety of students, faculty and staff. At Computer Solutions, we offer networking, security, cloud and communication solutions to meet your campus or district’s specific and unique technology needs.

Why It Matters

1 in 

public school students in Texas do not have access to high-speed internet

K-12 campuses and districts are looking to upgrade mass notification solutions

Annual spend on technology in the U.S. by higher education sector

IT Solutions for K-12 and Higher Education


Distanced learning in part is here to stay, but collaboration and unified communication (UC) tools are improving student engagement in the classroom as well. Collaboration tools help teachers and professors support different learning styles and better facilitate group work, individual sessions and parent-teacher interactions in one seamless system. Learn More


Stable, reliable connectivity is as essential as pen and paper. Ensure your educators and students connect to your network or WiFi through a secure access point. Whether delivering learning across traditional, remote or hybrid environments, you need a high-performing IT network that can handle the day to day as well as manages the influx and shifts in capacity needs. Learn More


An ever-changing education landscape requires flexibility and cloud computing can offer convenience and new ways of teaching. The cloud offers access to more course materials, textbooks, grade management and more, all online. It also allows for better scalability of your IT assets and long-term reduction in IT costs. Learn More

Digital Inclusion – Accessibility for All Students

Since 2017, Computer Solutions has been part of the Digital Inclusion Alliance of San Antonio helping build digital inclusion and improve connectivity for socio-economically-challenged neighborhoods with mobile LTE hotspots and in-vehicle WiFi capabilities for buses and other district-owned vehicles. But, it doesn’t just stop in San Antonio, see how we can help your district and city promote digital equity and inclusion. Learn More

School teacher looking at mass notification alert on tablet

Mass Notification Systems with NetWatch Notify

School districts and campuses have vast needs for distributing timely and relevant information quickly. Whether school or district-wide messaging for event reminders and news or emergency alert communication for inclement weather or active assailant situations, NetWatch Notify™ can integrate into your existing comms systems seamlessly. Learn More

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