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Emergency Response with NetWatch Notify

Your Challenge

In the event of an emergency or serious incident, businesses and organizations alike want to ensure that their people and assets are protected. Many organizations, even when they know they need it, don’t have formal policies, procedures and processes to deal with unexpected emergency situations. A few have defined a plan but are struggling to implement those procedures in a way that will configure with their existing communication systems. For our clients, this means bringing together technology and methods that results in swift, accurate emergency responses that saves valuable time and lives.

Our Solution

With NetWatch Notify, we provide emergency response notification technology through collaborative solutions that integrate into your existing systems to protect what matters most. With customizable modules, our platform can be incorporated into any industry’s safety procedures. From mass notifications and actionable alerts to E911 and lockdown triggers, our services ensure that you can communicate before, during and after an emergency or incident.

Emergency Response Alert

NetWatch Notify Industry Applications

Our notification technology can be customized to the needs of your specific organization. Check out standard uses and applications by industry below.


  • Multiple communication methods for incident management including active shooter events and lockdowns
  • Automated alerts for unexpected school closures and delays
  • Improved parent and student engagement


  • Multiple communication methods for building emergencies, inclement weather and health and wellness messages
  • Flexible contact management for mass casualty and epidemic alert preparation
  • Triggered mobile app or SMS text alert notifications to ensure employee and patient safety
  • Automated alerting based on GPS for arrival of physician/patient


  • Multiple communication methods for natural disasters and inclement weather
  • Triggered emergency notifications for industrial disasters, chemical spills or biohazardous material leaks
  • Automated product outage notifications


  • Multiple communication methods for incident management, policy activity and business continuity threats
  • Trigger notifications to and from other physical systems including fire alarms, light control systems, entry access systems, eyewash stations and AED cabinet doors
  • Automated GIS mapping and alerts
A school bus outside a school that uses emergency notification solutions

Industry Spotlight:
Emergency Notifications for Education Needs

In a K-12 emergency event, communication between administration, teachers, students, parents and authorities are all crucial. Download our one-sheeter to learn more about the criticality of response times in the event of a school emergency, and find out how NetWatch Notify can help keep Texas schools in compliance with Standard Response Protocol.

Complete the form below to receive your School Emergency One-sheeter by email.

Customizable Modules

We understand that each industry has specific technology needs and environments that require specialized solutions. Our interchangeable modules can fit seamlessly into your existing systems to enhance communication and improve response times, especially when every second counts.

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Overhead PA Systems

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Phone Systems

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Text Messaging

lighting systems icon

Lighting Systems

fire alarm systems icon

Fire & Alarm Systems

digital signage icon

Digital Signage

mobile apps icon

Mobile Apps & GPS

desktop alerts icon

Desktop Alerts

Email alerts icon

Email Alerts

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Electronic Locks

Stay Compliant with Kari’s Law and Ray Baum’s Act

Protect your team and business by staying compliant. Built into every NetWatch Notify program is the ability for administrative personnel to be alerted of any 911 calls in progress. These automatic alerts and location notifications assist security and emergency response teams to take action more rapidly, more accurately, saving valuable time for people in need.

stay compliant with 911 alerts

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