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Accelerated Protection with IT Security Solutions

Your Challenge

With expansive growth in cloud applications, smart devices and remote working, the IT landscape is ever evolving which means businesses are, now more than ever, potentially exposed to malicious attacks. Understanding your IT attack surface and the strategy behind risk mitigation is just as important as the integration of the right security software and strategy.

Our Solution

Computer Solutions offers comprehensive, industry-leading security solutions process that allows you to protect your systems and other critical data. From identifying security gaps in your networks and setting up a custom solution to testing and response, our Solutions Architects work with you to refine and ensure your defenses are set in place effectively.

Our Cybersecurity Process

Businesses today are tasked with protecting an evolving IT landscape that makes cybersecurity a continuous process. Our Solutions Architects will work with you to create a custom security solution that meets your organization’s industry specific cybersecurity compliance regulations and polices and aligns in accordance with The Center for Internet Security (CIS) top 20 and NIST critical security controls.

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Identify and Assess

We begin by identifying security gaps and conduct a comprehensive high-level security assessment to evaluate your business’s overall security posture. Following a complete review, we will recommendation plans and a high-level strategy to update your security landscape.

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Reinforce and Deploy

From strategy to hardware and software technology selection, our Solutions Architects will work with you to design and implement security systems and guidelines.

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Test and Improve

Once setting up your network defenses and controls, we’ll test and help you refine your security measures through training and PEN testing to ensure your infrastructure is resilient to cyberattacks.

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Safeguard Your Systems

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Stay ahead of external and internal threats with next-generation firewall (NGFW) solutions. The Cisco ASA firewall, with FirePOWER services, offers industry-leading malware protection at the edge of your network.

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Connect your remote employees with your network and your business with remote data centers using a secure, encrypted, Virtual Private Network.

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Intrusion Detection System

Monitor networks and systems for malicious activity and mitigate attacks with advanced IPS solutions capable of real-time data, automation, and scalability.

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Network Access Control

Enforce network access that meets security regulations and policies and automatically controls which devices are allowed to connect, register IoT devices, enroll guests, and more.

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