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Adaptable Lifecycle Management Services

Your Challenge

As organizations across all industries are looking to transform their businesses, IT teams are tasked with new challenges related to their software and hardware assets. And what happens when your purchases do not align? Time and again, we see clients trapped in a product-by-product purchase model with underutilization and consumption of what has been licensed.

Our Solution

Computer Solutions’ SuccessWatch and AssetWatch service programs are designed to help you achieve the full value of your asset licensing, products, and capabilities to enhance your productivity and exceed business goals.

SuccessWatch Services

We work with your team to discover crucial business drivers, define goals to design a success plan, and present a roadmap for your lifecycle management to leverage your current investments and budget for the future. Our trusted advisors will work with your staff to assess and discover what applications are being used and to what extent, so we can recommend ways to get the most out of your business assets. Through this process, we offer business value workshops, readiness assessments, software/product training and implementation services.

software adoption

Software Adoption

Our service advisors work directly with your team to evaluate current software usage and utilization rates based on your organization’s goals and initiatives. Our team will make recommendations on software changes for better fit and adoption techniques to maximize your return on investment.

business success

Business Success Plans

As your business grows your technology shouldn’t be what holds you back. We’ll help identify lasting technology solutions, and plan ahead for when and how to update them.

measurable outcomes

Measurable Outcomes

Our clients know their plan is working. We will meet with you quarterly to evaluate which challenges were resolved and explore new opportunities to support improvement initiatives within all sectors of your business.

AssetWatch Services

Whether you have 500 or 50,000 assets, our AssetWatch component will consolidate all of your asset management processes into one. Our user portal tracks your assets through their lifecycles in real-time, allowing for easy product inventory. It streamlines your maintenance, product notices and end-of-service/end-of-life alerts, so you can begin budgeting for upcoming investments sooner.

Asset Tracking icon

Asset Tracking

Renewal Tracking icon

Renewal Tracking

Asset Supportability icon

Asset Supportability

End-of-Life Management icon

End-of-Life Management

End-of-Support Budgeting icon

End-of-Support Budgeting

Asset Budget Forecasting icon

Asset Budget Forecasting

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