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Customized IoT Integrations for Business

Your Challenge

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a driving force behind the digital transformation age businesses are experiencing. This new wave of connected devices and applications is steering business leaders to evaluate and transform their business models to improve operational efficiency and create new opportunities for services. For our clients, this can mean integrating IoT into complex, existing networks that weren’t built with wireless accessibility in mind. Not only do you have to solve for functionality, you will need to deal with concerns of efficiency, security and safety.

Our Solution

At Computer Solutions, we provide strategic planning and implementation services to assist you in creating a successful and effective IoT strategy to address your biggest challenges and opportunities. We possess both the skill set and knowledge to fully understand the most complex details of your IoT project.

Industry Applications

Our solutions span complete system integration, connectivity, user experience, analytics, training and outsourced managed services for a variety of industries.

Banking and Finance

Monitor customer behavior, improve customer experience, report problems and service issues.

City and Government

Collect and analyze data to evaluate traffic patterns, manage meters, signal changes, report safety concerns and problems.

Higher Education

From connected labs that monitor equipment performance and temperature control to RFID devices that allow students to use one badge to access everything from a building to a printer, check out a book or paying for snacks, higher ed is leading the way in integrating IoT on campus.

K-12 Education

From smart boards to smart classrooms, school districts are using IoT to power learning, save energy and connect better with students and their families.


Improve drug management and inventory, monitor patients and improve patient experience.


Automate processes, improve equipment asset management, build geofencing environment.

Oil and Gas

Improve safety, monitor machinery conditions, enhance maintenance operations, increase production.


Simplify operations, improve customer experiences, remotely manage display and merchandising efforts.


Provide wireless connectivity for visitors, manage public access IoT devices for tours.


Provide fleet management services, enhance reporting and analytics on vehicles, monitor performance/failure, manage wireless connectivity for passengers.

Our Trusted Process

We know no two frameworks or platforms are the same nor two solutions. We work with best-in-class IoT hardware and software vendors in order to be your one-stop connectivity solutions experts. From proof-of-concept to deployment, we work with you every step of the way from planning and consultation to design, testing, and implementation to ensure that your IoT vision is fulfilled.

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Consulting and Planning

Following an analysis of your IT infrastructure, we design a solutions package to meet your unique project scope. We build an IoT business plan and develop an implementation roadmap.

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Implementation and Deployment

Our solutions architects deploy and closely monitor the project to resolve any potential issues. Realtime installation tracking allows you to use each device as soon as it is live along with iterative testing and improvements.

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Management and Training

Our management team will work with you to devise a transition plan for you to assume responsibility of your IoT network. We also offer full managed services and technical support.

Opting for Discreet IoT Solutions

Don’t let IoT compromise the aesthetic of your environment. Computer Solutions has a team of installation experts from building and manufacturing industries who have experience in styling solutions that will integrate seamlessly into your businesses. Our customized solutions ensure your IoT blends into its environment such as enhancing city parks, historical landmarks and more.

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