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Personalized Protection with Business Continuity

Your Challenge

In a world where data and IT infrastructures are crucial to keeping an organization operating, business continuity is not the sole responsibility of one department or person. IT departments are now expected to play a major role in safeguarding business processes and implementing infrastructure overview, system configuration and backup configuration. Unplanned downtime or a business-interrupting incident can cause irreparable harm to customer confidence, trigger a fall in revenue, or even result in business closure or bankruptcy.

Our Solution

Whether natural disasters pose your biggest threat or you’re in an industry plagued by malicious cyber-attacks, our professional service advisors help you prepare your entire organization, from day-to-day operations to business-critical IT solutions, to confirm that your business can survive a full or partial outage. Our solutions architects will work with you to build a custom business continuity plan that includes:

Current Infrastructure Assessment and Roadmap icon

Current Infrastructure Assessment and Roadmap

Our solutions architects complete an assessment and formal review of your existing emergency preparedness plan and current environment to assess your current operating procedures.

Enterprise Business Impact Analysis icon

Enterprise Business Impact Analysis

We identify the impact of data loss for your organization and establish restoration procedures for your systems including the roles and responsibilities of your crisis team.

Disaster Recovery Planning icon

Disaster Recovery Planning

Our custom disaster recovery plans provide a documented, structured approach with written runbooks for responding to unplanned incidents and establish desired recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO).

Emergency Preparedness Action Planning icon

Emergency Preparedness Action Planning

Your customized continuity plan will include action items for the designated crisis team during an incident for both online and offline routines.

Disaster Simulation and Testing icon

Disaster Simulation and Testing

Our business continuity plans are a living process, which means we test your planning annually and work with you through a disaster simulation and trial recovery to uncover any unforeseen weaknesses.

Every Second Counts in Disaster Recovery

A disaster recovery plan should be developed in conjunction with your business continuity plan. It is essential to set recovery time objectives (RTO) as well as recovery point objectives (RPO) that consider how much downtime you are willing to incur—and the impact that will have on your business as a whole. Your disaster recovery plan will include strategies and solutions for hardware, applications, and data restoration.

Our solutions architects design custom solutions combining infrastructure improvements and operational policies to ensure your business-critical data will survive an outage. We work with best-in-class partners to give you optimal options for data backup and replication.

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