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Importance of IT in Healthcare

For hospitals, pharmacies, care centers and other health-related organizations, quality healthcare is top priority. With the demand for technology in healthcare increasing, IT solutions are transforming the industry. From patient portals that enable secure data record keeping to enhanced communication methods between healthcare providers and patients, IT in healthcare improves the care medical professionals can offer. At Computer Solutions, we offer healthcare IT solutions that can help your facility or organization become more efficient, secure, equipped and compliant.

Managed IT Services for Healthcare

As a highly targeted industry, having 24/7 activity monitoring, disaster recovery and IT management solutions in place is crucial. Meet your healthcare IT needs with NetWatch Managed Services. NetWatch offers a wide range of customizable solutions including unified communications, cybersecurity, cloud and networking solutions to meet your healthcare organization’s unique technology needs. Learn more about NetWatch Managed Services.

Why IT Matters in Healthcare

Cyberattacks in US healthcare organizations recorded per week

of all large-scale data breaches occur in hospitals

Average cost of data breaches in the US healthcare sector

Mass Notifications for Healthcare

Whether an unexpected workplace incident occurs, or daily communication updates are needed, a mass notification system can help you keep your people safe and your business running smoothly. Fully customized to your specific needs, NetWatch Notify provides a multi-functional system solution to ensure you are capable of communicating the right message to the right recipients at the right time. Learn more about our NetWatch Notify.

Our Healthcare IT Solutions

Cybersecurity for Financial and Banking Industries


Security in healthcare is not just about compliance and government regulations but patient safety and privacy. Ensure your organization remains HIPAA compliant and secure with custom cybersecurity solutions and risk management. Learn more about our Cybersecurity services.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Being prepared in the event of a security breach or disaster is critical. Ensure you can manage data backup, implement security and facility protocols and continue to provide care to your patients with a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plan. Learn more about our BCDR solutions.

Network Management

Reliable and efficient connectivity is essential to patient care and positive outcomes. Improve patient experiences, telehealth systems and overall care with more flexible and secure network infrastructures. Learn more about our Networking solutions.

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Texas Cooperative – Purchasing Contracts

The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) has awarded Computer Solutions multiple DIR contracts for managed IT services, cybersecurity and more.

Under these contracts, we are able to provide technology solutions and services to healthcare facilities and systems at a considerable discount.

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