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Cisco DNA is Now Cisco Catalyst: Revolutionizing Network Solutions

Artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed the landscape of technology, driving innovation and efficiency across various industries. This evolution has significantly influenced the rebranding of Cisco DNA to Cisco Catalyst. With advanced AI capabilities, Cisco Catalyst now offers enhanced network management, improved user experiences and robust cybersecurity measures. Cisco Catalyst builds on the foundation laid by Cisco DNA, which focused on intent-based networking and automation. Cisco Catalyst brings a more robust and comprehensive solution through advanced AI capabilities and enhanced security measures. These new features allow businesses to optimize their network operations, ensuring seamless connectivity and protection against cyber threats. Let us explore how Cisco Catalyst can revolutionize your networking solutions.


What is Cisco Catalyst?

Cisco Catalyst is an evolution of Cisco DNA, designed to address the complexities of modern enterprise networks. While Cisco DNA centered on intent-based networking and automation, Cisco Catalyst brings additional features, improved AI capabilities and enhanced security measures to provide a more robust and comprehensive networking solution.

Key Customers and Industry Solutions

Cisco Catalyst offers tailored networking solutions for various industries, including:

  • Healthcare: Ensures secure and efficient handling of patient data and medical records.
  • Education: Enhances connectivity and collaboration tools for remote and in-person learning.
  • Finance: Provides robust security measures to protect sensitive financial data and ensure compliance with regulations.


Simplifying Enterprise Network Operations, Improving User Experiences with AI and Enhancing Cybersecurity

Simplifying Enterprise Network Operations

Cisco Catalyst centralizes network management, whether scaling your network or simplifying IT operations. It automates routine tasks and provides visibility into network performance, harnessing the full potential of your infrastructure. This centralized approach allows IT teams to efficiently manage and troubleshoot network issues, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing downtime. In the healthcare sector, it ensures seamless connectivity for patient monitoring systems and medical devices, while in the financial sector, it enables reliable and secure transactions with minimal disruptions.

Improved User Experiences with AI

Cisco Catalyst leverages AI to enhance user experiences by optimizing network coverage and delivering services precisely where needed. This includes dynamically adjusting network parameters to ensure strong and consistent Wi-Fi signals, prioritizing critical applications and reducing latency. For educational institutions, this means improved online learning platforms and uninterrupted virtual classes. In a corporate setting, employees benefit from seamless video conferencing and faster access to cloud applications, boosting productivity and collaboration.

Enhancing Cybersecurity

Cisco Catalyst strengthens cybersecurity by integrating advanced measures such as zero-trust network access and automated threat detection. These features shrink the attack surface, employ zero-trust principles for network access and automate software updates to eliminate vulnerabilities and ensure compliance. This approach reduces the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access. For government agencies, it ensures secure data handling and protection against cyber threats, while businesses benefit from real-time threat intelligence and automated responses, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of their data.

New Features of Cisco Catalyst

With the transition from Cisco DNA to Cisco Catalyst, several new features have been introduced:

  • OpenAPI Specification in JSON Format: This allows for easier integration and interoperability with various applications and services.
  • API Documentation Views: Enhanced documentation for better understanding and implementation.
  • Event Catalog: Comprehensive event management and tracking.
  • Report Templates: Pre-designed templates for efficient reporting and analysis.


The transition from Cisco DNA to Cisco Catalyst represents a significant advancement in networking technology, offering enhanced features and capabilities to meet the demands of modern enterprise networks. With improved AI integration, robust security measures and centralized management, Cisco Catalyst is poised to revolutionize how businesses manage their network infrastructure.

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