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Event Recap: Elevate Your Cloud Strategy & Environment with Cisco Cloud Protection Suite

Cisco announced its new security tool, Hypershield, and plans to consolidate security management into a single dashboard called Secure X. This dashboard integrates various platforms and services, allowing for a consistent experience between its security portfolio and a customer’s infrastructure. Watch our discussion of this event to learn more about Secure X and the advanced features and functionalities Hypershield offers, including application mapping and micro-segmentation.

Learn how Computer Solutions can help you with your organization’s security experience to improve performance, efficiency and stability. Watch the demo now.

Miss the Live Event? Watch Now!

Watch the on-demand recording here (1 hr 12 minutes):

Use the Recording Password: NcpX2B3p

Here Are Top Takeaways When You Watch:

  • The benefits of Cisco’s new security tool, Hypershield, as well as Secure X and the latest updates to its FMC interface.
  • Discover how Cisco’s encrypted visibility engine can identify threats within encrypted packets without the need for decryption, improve performance and reduce the need for hardware upgrades.
  • A demonstration of AI capabilities that allows users to ask questions and receive information about firewall policies and best practices.

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