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Event Recap: Cisco User Protection Security Updates

The world of cybersecurity is changing with exciting new updates to existing Cisco products. In our first Cisco Security Update of the year, we explored Cisco User Protection Suite including Endpoint Security, Posture and Authorization Management, Email Security, Remote Browser Isolation and Experience Insights.

Learn how Computer Solutions can help you navigate what security solutions apply to your applications and workloads. Want to fill the gaps you have in your security posture and actively monitor your systems in real-time from a single dashboard environment? Watch the demo now.

Miss the Live Event? Watch Now!

Watch the on-demand recording here (1hr 45 minutes):

Computer Solutions Event recap for Cisco User Protection Suite Updates

Use the Recording Password: gYbM5PHk

Here Are Top Takeaways When You Watch:

  • The latest updates to the Cisco User Protection Suite and an overview of Cisco’s entire security stack
  • Walk through updated products and subscriptions including new names for Cisco products such as Cisco XDR (formerly Cisco Secure X)
  • Discover end-of-life announcements for existing Cisco software and what’s to come
  • Access to product and solutions reference guides and more

As a Cisco Master Collaboration Partner, Computer Solutions specializes in the design, deployment and support of all Cisco solutions, including cybersecurity. Get started with us today with a demo or learn more about our additional cybersecurity solutions including assessments, incident response or assistance with cyber liability insurance.