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Your Aging Network Infrastructure: Protecting Your Business from Catastrophic Risks

In today’s digital landscape, the integrity and efficiency of network infrastructure stand as crucial pillars supporting the operations of modern businesses. However, there exists a prevalent and growing concern—aging infrastructure. Amidst the dynamic digital ecosystem, the vitality of networks as the fundamental framework linking people, devices, and systems globally cannot be overstated. Sadly, the increasing cautionary tales that illustrate the potential perils of neglecting this critical aspect of IT illustrate the necessity for proactive planning and vigilance.

As recently as 2021, Forrester Research conducted a study on “The key to Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Strategy” and found that on-premises servers and other legacy infrastructure were still present in many businesses. Along with these legacy servers, security risks became apparent due to the constant effort of trying to apply updates and patches to infrastructure where the equipment was past its support term. The Forrester Report indicated that 70% of the responding organizations have delayed infrastructure refreshes a few times in the last five years as compared to previous years where 61% or organizations reported updating their infrastructure. The Forrester report highlighted that half of IT decision makers found infrastructure-based security issues and vulnerabilities following a delayed refresh.

How does this apply to your business? At Computer Solutions, we regularly get asked by clients to help them understand when it’s time to upgrade their network infrastructure. When is it time to use cloud and hybrid solutions? These aren’t small budget line items, so we understand the hesitancy towards making those big investments. However, when it’s time, it’s almost too late. To help you understand if now is the time, consider these five key signs that indicate your network infrastructure might be outdated and costing your business more than it’s serving it:

  1. Sluggish Performance and Downtime: If your network experiences frequent downtime, slow speeds, or intermittent connectivity, it’s a red flag indicating outdated infrastructure. This can hinder productivity and negatively impact customer experiences, leading to dissatisfied clients and lost opportunities.
  2. Security Vulnerabilities and Breaches: Outdated hardware and software are more susceptible to cyber threats and breaches. Inadequate security measures put sensitive data at risk, potentially resulting in severe financial losses and tarnished brand reputation.
  3. Lack of Scalability and Flexibility: Old infrastructure might lack the agility to adapt to the evolving needs of your business. As more devices are added to your environment, the network needs to be able to manage the onboarding and management of permissions and data transfer.
  4. Incompatibility with Modern Technology: Aging infrastructure may struggle to support newer technologies. Older network infrastructure will likely have challenges in supporting speed and data availability requirements associated with AI-enabled services that are becoming more prevalent.
  5. Increased Maintenance Costs and Inefficiencies: As infrastructure ages, maintenance costs soar while efficiency declines. Outdated systems demand more frequent repairs and upkeep, straining IT budgets and resources.

If you were nodding along to any of the last five points, you may be asking yourself, well now that I know I need it, what now? As seasoned Cisco Certified Network Engineers, our team can provide and install the switching, wireless and SD-WAN, and routing solutions you need. Plus, you can manage your network better by utilizing the best-in-class Cisco DNA or Catalyst solution.

Leveraging automation and analytics, the Cisco DNA and Catalyst solutions optimize performance while simplifying management, ensuring your network evolves alongside your business needs. The Cisco DNA Center gives you intuitive workflows, network stability, ease of design and setup, and the ability to import existing designs. You will have tools to define user profiles, device access, and application policies for consistent performance and the ability to automate device deployment and upgrades for expedited installation. Real-time monitoring for issue resolution and application performance insights will help you solve problems faster and integrate with third-party applications to optimize IT operations based on network intelligence.

Take proactive steps to safeguard your business’s future. Get in touch with Computer Solutions today or visit our Cisco DNA page for comprehensive insights into how our superior solution can fortify your network infrastructure against the looming threats of an ever-evolving digital landscape. Your business’s resilience and success depend on a robust network foundation—let us empower your journey toward a secure and agile future.