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Two Ways to Modernize Your Cybersecurity Program

In a 2022 study, 54% of companies stated their IT departments are not sophisticated enough to handle advanced cyberattacks. As cyber threats escalate in this digital world, traditional ways of managing cyber risk are no longer sufficient to prevent major loss or downtime. Having a modernized cybersecurity program begins with a proactive cybersecurity approach. Implementing security measures in line with modern-day best practices and regularly monitoring your network to spot suspicious behavior or vulnerabilities are some ways a proactive approach can benefit your organization. 

Two ways companies are modernizing their cybersecurity program is by implementing annual deep dive audits and ongoing vulnerability management through automated tools aligned with their policies and controls. Take a look at the benefits of assessments and a managed platform to decide if this approach would benefit your organization.

Run Risk Assessments Annually

Risk assessments can be useful to many roles within your organization from the compliance auditor to the CEO. Organizations may run a risk assessment to conduct insurance renewals or compliance reports, perform audits, inform their IT department of known breaches, minimize cyber risk and more. These top three benefits are why your organization needs an annual risk assessment to improve its IT infrastructure.

Quickly Identifies Problems

Defending against attacks and breaches before they occur is critical to the security of your business and its assets. Risk assessments identify as many existing and potential risks as possible and use a risk assessment process to prioritize the key risks. During this process, you can see all probable attacks and areas for identifying opportunities within your organization.

Evaluates the Level of Risk and Potential Costs

Risk assessments evaluate security risk by comparing the degree of a threat to the company’s risk tolerance threshold. It’s an important step because it allows your team to proactively set up plans for risk mitigation and respond according to impact. It also estimates the potential costs each potential attack can cost you based on its carefully calculated distinction.

Creates an Action Plan to Remediate the Biggest Areas of Concern

This step of the risk assessment process strategically prioritizes corrective efforts in identified threats and ensures the most critical security risks are addressed first. It focuses on the attack’s root cause and eradicates vulnerabilities, allowing your organization to remain secure. 

Monitor Vulnerabilities 24/7 through an Integrated Risk Management (IRM) Platform

An IRM platform provides real-time visibility into the current state of your security landscape and plans for your critical IT needs. Allow your organization to focus on its core business and discover the top three benefits of implementing an IRM platform in your company. 

Improve Efficiency and Mean Time to Remediation

IRM platforms can improve the efficiency of your organization’s IT infrastructure since it already has the protocols to provide ongoing monitoring of processes. Some of these processes include tracking governance objectives, risk accountability or ownership and compliance requirements. It also improves the time to remediate risks allowing you to mitigate potential concerns as soon as it’s identified within the platform.

Monitor and Track Progression Continuously

An IRM platform constantly monitors and tracks progression to ensure your organization complies with its risk strategy. In addition, it continually monitors metrics, risk response and security processes to increase security resilience.

Dashboard Updates in Real-Time

CISOs, security analysts, C-suite stakeholders and compliance managers can get the information they need within custom dashboards for key roles. The IRM platform dashboards help promote transparency in the state of your security and continuous alignment between the business and IT landscape. 

Why Computer Solutions

To improve your risk profile, it’s best to fully and accurately understand the vulnerabilities and threats your business faces. Computer Solutions has partnered with CyberSaint Security to utilize standard security frameworks and analyze security risks across all businesses within the CyberStrong IRM platform. 

Our solution will help your organization improve its cyber resilience by centralizing risk and compliance data, assessing risk and mitigation priority levels and building a plan to document controls and remediate known vulnerabilities. Don’t wait another day to improve the state of your security. Reach out to our security experts and get started with us today.