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How Healthcare Organizations Benefit From Managed IT Services

Healthcare in America is the third largest industry in the country with the largest stored data of personally identifiable information (PII) on American citizens. In 2022, healthcare organizations experienced 1,426 attacks per week, a 60% increase from the previous year. Medical organizations often face cyberattacks, security or privacy breaches, hacking and other threats to their IT systems.

Healthcare IT is under a lot of pressure to keep critical information safe and HIPAA compliant. More and more, healthcare system administrators are outsourcing to MSPs and MSSP healthcare providers. Let’s look at the benefits of having healthcare IT consulting services.

Top Benefits an IT MSP Can Provide


Your medical facility systems and security measures must remain current and adhere to the latest rules and regulations of HIPAA. With a healthcare IT managed services provider, your medical practice can better understand how complex HIPAA regulations may impact how you manage critical information. A managed security service provider for healthcare can advise your facility on specific healthcare IT challenges, such as storing electronic health records and integrating multiple healthcare IT systems.

Data Protection and Security

A survey from the American Medical Association shows that 83% of physicians’ practices have experienced a cyberattack. Outdated systems, unsecure or poor wireless network security, and lack of training in data security practices are just a few things that may lead to a data breach in a medical facility. Fortunately, healthcare IT managed services providers also specialize in business continuity and disaster recovery plans. They can help prepare your establishment for potential cyberattacks and aim to recover your systems from sudden disruptive events.

Flexibility and Scalability

Healthcare IT outsourcing is becoming more common within the healthcare industry. Organizations are now trying to find ways to scale their business at an affordable cost and create high availability clusters to limit downtime or disruption of service. With the help of managed service providers, hospitals, clinics and other medical organizations can quickly scale their healthcare IT needs without investing in new infrastructure or additional personnel. MSPs provide flexible service models to help you determine what level of service you require for your facility and provide widespread scalability to accommodate unexpected surges or changes in regulatory requirements. Additionally, they secure business continuity by assessing threats and taking proactive solutions and can ensure operational continuity in even the most complex conditions.


The healthcare system is an industry that’s forever evolving. New technologies, tools and medicines can be a significant challenge and an existing IT team might not have the knowledge or expertise to solve new problems. Healthcare IT managed services providers eliminate the costs of hiring and training new IT staff resulting in lower labor costs and overall reduced expenses. In any industry, having an emergency preparedness plan and IT system support is critical to improving your security posture. Our solutions architects can help your facility avoid expensive downtime by creating backup continuity and disaster recovery plans. Furthermore, we can implement emergency notification systems that offer customizable notification protocols and protect all your patients, visitors and staff.

Why Computer Solutions

At Computer Solutions, we understand the fast-paced and constantly changing environment of the healthcare industry. Our fully customizable IT managed services provide a wide range of solutions that can be tailored to your healthcare facility’s needs. Whether you need overall IT support, security management, unified communications, disaster recovery or cloud services, our managed services solutions can help.

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