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Event Recap: Cisco Webex Contact Center

How happy are your customers? However you measure and track customer satisfaction, if customer service is core to your business success, then we have some important information to share. In today’s world, customer service often happens in more than one environment, involving more than a single point of contact. It can be a daunting proposition, but customers now expect you to meet them in the communication channel they prefer. What you really need is a solution that provides better customer satisfaction for your end-users—and your team. Computer Solutions’ Solutions Architect, Richard Lucas, recently presented a live demonstration of the Webex Contact Center to highlight the advantages for businesses looking for a flexible contact center platform that’s out-of-the-box ready but completely customizable to every business. Give your customers the touchpoints they want with the ease of omni-channel management your team needs.

Miss the Live Event? Watch Now!

Watch the on-demand recording here (54 mins):

Use the Recording Password: Comsol2022

Here Are the Top Takeaways:

An omnichannel solution
From voice and email to chat, text and more, Webex Contact Center provides a unified environment for your team to provide a seamless customer experience. With capabilities to integrate with social apps as well, you can eliminate silos, lower wait times, and meet your customers no matter what communication preference. Plus, interaction history gives your team better context about every customer, improving customer service.

Automation with a flexible, streamlined interface
As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering and cloud-native solution, Webex Contact Center provides flexibility, scalability and automation to reduce the complexity of your contact center. Within the platform, the omnichannel platform can lower call volume by diverting calls to other channels with automated messaging and responses to frequently asked questions and problems.

Customizable platform
Webex Contact Center is a customizable platform that allows you to integrate your brand identity, turning your communication into more of an app-like experience. Your customers are more likely to trust and interact with messaging that looks like your brand, which improves your organization’s reputation.

As a Cisco Master Collaboration Partner, Computer Solutions specializes in the design, deployment and support of all Cisco solutions. If you are looking to modernize and elevate your contact center, Cisco Webex Contact Center may be the right fit for your organization. Get started today with a demo or learn more about our collaboration solutions here.