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Event Recap: Cisco UCS X-Series & Intersight

Ready to modernize your infrastructure? One powerful way for businesses to handle the growing complexity in their data centers is with the Cisco UCS X-Series Modular System. Computer Solutions’ very own Datacenter Solutions Architect, Kevin Parenteau, recently presented a live demonstration of the UCS X-Series with Intersight to showcase the benefits for businesses using Cisco’s latest unified computing system.

Miss the Live Event? Watch Now!

Watch the on-demand recording here (53 mins):

UCS X-Series event recap video cover image

Here Are the Top Takeaways:

Reduce your overhead in your data center
Cisco UCS X-Series allows for reduced expenses related to your data center and supporting infrastructure. Not only will the server consolidation pay for itself, but the redesigned chassis also eliminates the need for additional hardware. That means fewer devices to power, fewer devices to cool, and ultimately a net lower operations cost to the bottom line.

Centralize the management of your infrastructure
With Cisco UCS X-Series Modular System, your network administrator will receive a single interface to use to monitor and manage all your core systems. The system allows you to centralize the management of your existing hardware and, as needed, add new hardware. This unification allows you to simplify workflows and ensure an easier maintenance process.

Get a flexible and scalable model
Increase your performance capacity and bandwidth with an adaptable and flexible system that Cisco calls their UCS X-Series. By combining the efficiency of blade services with the scalability of rack servers, this modularity allows the system to adapt and better support technologies and applications as they are needed.

As a Cisco Master Collaboration Partner, Computer Solutions specializes in the design, deployment and support of all Cisco solutions. If you are considering an update to your data center or looking to invest in your infrastructure, Cisco UCS is an excellent opportunity. Let us help you simplify your operations and optimize your computing with expert guidance and innovative technology. Get started today with a demo or learn more about Cisco UCS X-Series here.