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The Benefits of SASE

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), pronounced “sassy,” is a network architecture that merges software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) and network security, such as cloud access security broker (CASB), firewalls and zero trust network access, to create a single, unified cloud service. This emerging technology framework is a single management solution that embeds security into the network fabric, ensuring secure access is available, anywhere, any time. Done properly, a SASE solution eliminates the need for perimeter-based applications and legacy solutions and allows users to connect to the SASE cloud service safely. Let’s take a look at the top benefits of SASE and how deploying a SASE architecture for your enterprise organization can better protect your network, all while saving you time and money.

Ease of Management
One of the main benefits of SASE is easier management. Your team no longer has to manage SWG, SD-WAN, VPN and other devices across multiple locations. One central cloud-based management solution allows you to control your service from a single application.

Simplified Security Model
Undoubtedly, your company collects, processes and distributes a considerable amount of data daily—including sensitive and confidential information. SASE integrates multiple cybersecurity functions from malware and data loss prevention (DLP) to intrusion detection and more. That means consistent edge-to-edge security across locations and environments.

Visibility and Control of Data Usage
SASE allows for complete visibility across hybrid environments. Your team and applications connect and disconnect from the network, which means your environment is constantly changing. More visibility into your network status and applications running on the network allow you to better monitor performance and identify weaknesses or security risks, operations concerns and functionality issues. Fewer software and hardware requirements are needed to deliver and maintain your network visibility.

Less physical hardware means less downtime and fewer software licenses to manage. SASE can minimize IT loads and streamline provisioning times that will adapt with the scaling up and down of your organization’s productivity. As hybrid and remote teams establish a permanent foothold in businesses, SASE helps provide flexibility, agility and automation with the merged solution of wireless connectivity and security. With a unified cloud security solution, adding new services and functions to your networking is simpler.

Cost Reduction
With SASE, your organization can do away with an expansive model of physical and virtual appliances from multiple vendors and can instead leverage a single, cloud-native solution that reduces the costs of a complex network. SASE minimizes both visible and hidden costs associated with your network. Of course, you can expect to control WAN costs by reducing or even eliminating the need for more expensive multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) in favor of VPN connectivity. It is building a platform toward better network resiliency that can protect against the cost of expensive downtime. SASE also takes care of the hidden costs associated with the burden of deploying, reconfiguring, patching and maintaining multiple point legacy solutions. Plus, this streamlined network also can allow for reducing IT staffing costs.

Security remains a critical need as organizations continue to expand in services, applications and data. SASE offers an efficient and effective way to meet the challenge of enhanced, easy-to-manage security. Keep in mind that SASE is not a specific product but a framework and powerful solution for network expansion. Ready to discuss your networking requirements and how a SASE network architecture can make your business more secure and reliable? Contact us today or learn more about our full suite of network security solutions here.