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Keeping First Responders Connected with Wireless Networking

While you may typically correlate wireless connectivity with collaboration solutions for hybrid office work, distanced learning and more following the COVID-19 pandemic, the increased volume of wireless broadband networking is critical for first responders whether police officers, emergency medical services (EMS) or firefighters. Let’s take a look at the needs mobile 4G LTE and 5G connectivity solves for first responders.

When seconds matter most, first responders recognize the need to remain connected to their command and dispatch centers for mission-critical communication. In areas outside of cities and into rural communities, reliable networks may not exist or there may be a lack of coverage and capacity. In this case, first responders deployed in an emergent situation would have to convene at a near high-speed data area or use a Wi-Fi hotspot to access maps and other information, potentially delaying the much needed help they are trying to provide.

Connectivity through 4G LTE and 5G provides fasters speeds, lower latency and more device capacity to better support emergency response needs and get the right information in front of the right individuals at the right time. Increased bandwidth and connectivity coverage allows first responders to stay connected on site and on-the-go knowing that their essential GPS, communication systems, sensors, as well as wearables like body cameras and in-vehicle solutions, are secure and reliable.

At Computer Solutions, we provide mobile and IoT networking solutions that offer increased bandwidth and connectivity to allow departments to scale capabilities and gain more visibility into connected devices and applications. We have worked with the San Antonio Police Department and San Antonio Fire Department to provide seamless, unified, wireless connectivity solutions that could meet the demands of extreme conditions. Learn how we equipped their vehicles with Panasonic Toughbooks and more here.

Want to discover how to gain more interconnectivity between vehicles and devices to better allocate resources and needs more effectivity for emergency responses, search and rescue and more?  Computer Solutions offers first responder in-vehicle custom field installation services of Cradlepoint IoT and mobile solutions for police, fire and EMS vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Contact us today to ensure your solutions are optimized for speed, simplicity and security.