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Evaluate Your Data Center Management

Data center management at its core refers to overseeing the structure and operations of a company’s computers, servers, data warehousing, web services, and connected applications, ensuring the security of the infrastructure and protection of information. While the IT requirements of a company may vary, data centers often contain physical or virtual servers that are connected internally or externally through networking equipment. Typical tasks included in data center management are maintaining/upgrading hardware, software and operating systems, managing technical support, overseeing data storage, confirming backup processes and integrating disaster recovery planning. As you evaluate the effectiveness of your current system and management, consider the following for optimization:

On-Prem vs Cloud Data Centers
The ability to scale your data center proves invaluable to companies looking to streamline their data management and make computing more efficient. Cloud-based data centers offer increased flexibility and scalability whether public, private, or hybrid which allows companies to achieve greater redundancy. Improved data redundancy offers an additional layer of protection that plays an important role in disaster recovery and business continuity strategies. In addition, companies that incorporate cloud computing into their data center operations often possess a more cost-effective management plan with less overhead on colocations thereby spending less on physical infrastructures and resources.

We recommend beginning with a cloud readiness assessment to identify your current workload requirements and how a cloud infrastructure can be incorporated into your data center.

Asset Management
As part of data center management, best business practices should include inventory management that supports the life cycle management of your assets including all elements of software and hardware. By addressing what your different teams—including your marketing, sales and c-suite— need in terms of the right hardware and software, your business can increase productivity and gain a competitive edge over your competitors. Consolidating your assets and initiatives not only allows you to get the most out of your assets, but also allows to better track maintenance, end-of-service and other product notices so that they align within your strategic business goals. Making data center management part of that alignment will prepare your business for budget forecasting as well.

At Computer Solutions, we can offer you comprehensive data center management services from networking and security to disaster recovery planning and life cycle management. In addition, with NetWatch™ Managed Services, we provide a range of fully customizable managed IT initiatives as a complete or fractional IT department to help run your data center operation. Let us help you turn your legacy data center into an agile and efficient business solution for your company’s needs. Contact us today to get started.