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Why You Don’t Need an Internal IT Department

As businesses grow, their IT needs evolve and change. To keep up with the fast-moving technology landscape, many businesses are turning to a managed service provider (MSP) to take over some of the challenging and time-consuming responsibilities. If you’ve been struggling with your IT department’s response times or team turnover, it might be time to consider a third-party partner solution. Below we’ve outlined several benefits to outsourcing IT and why small to mid-size businesses are increasingly turning to MSPs to solve their IT issues.

Cost Savings and ROI
One of the biggest drivers to work with an MSP is cost-effectiveness. A managed IT service provider affords the flexibility and scalability to grow in ways that internal teams cannot. From reduced operational costs to lower IT operating expenses, managed services is a considerable cost saving for a business. As a client, you only pay for the services you want and need (whether fractional or a complete IT department) with the ability to scale up and down versus staffing a department and paying constant salaries plus benefits regardless of their level of productivity.

Enhanced Security and Compliance
With security a major concern for all businesses, it’s a leading benefit to work with an MSP because they specialize in knowing how to meet the security and compliance needs of a business. With this level of expertise, they know how to navigate complex security and compliance issues specific to your industry. They help protect from security breaches and dedicate hours of professional development hours to know to navigate legal and security regulations. For certain industries, an MSP can also supplement additional data safety policies and procedures to ensure your business remains compliant and sensitive data is protected.

Maximize Uptime
Emergencies and disasters can happen and will undoubtedly affect a company’s ability to meet its customers’ needs (We’ve even seen it during the COVID-19 pandemic). Up-time is a critical element to maintain for businesses and an outsourced team can help you avoid or mitigate risk by working proactively to monitor for and identify potential problems sooner. An MSP can ensure that your internal team can maximize its performance and that all of your systems and organization are more resilient to downtime. The best managed service providers will work with you to establish a Disaster Recovery plan to ensure improved response time and time-to-fix by working together. 

Time to Focus

Often the scope of IT responsibilities can increase and change dramatically leaving business development and other projects to be pushed further down a to-do list. An outsourced team allows for more delegation and gives leadership the time to focus on strategic planning as opposed to team management.


With so many benefits, it’s likely more businesses will be looking to add managed IT services to their operations. Considering outsourcing IT services? Contact us today to learn more about all levels of managed IT services we have to offer.