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Collaborative Solutions with Trinity University

At Computer Solutions, it is our mission to build strong strategic relationships with our clients to help them achieve their business goals through tailored solutions using the best technology to fit our customers’ specific needs. Listen below to how our collaborative work with Trinity University has transformed their networks and infrastructure to enhance their student and staff experience.

Video Transcript:

Trinity University is a private liberal arts and sciences institution in San Antonio, Texas. The university strives to stay at the forefront of technology advancements and provide the tools necessary to meet the growing needs of its students.

A longtime leader in the implementation of Cisco technology, trinity now seeks to enhance its security posture, mitigate risks and reduce threat exposure. To help Trinity achieve this goal, Computer Solutions and Cisco designed a flex security enterprise agreement allowing for an end to end Cisco networking and security approach and shift to an annual consumption model. Gerno Reinard, Trinity’s Manager of IT infrastructure states the case for why security will remain a top priority:

“Hackers are always looking for the next big break, so the security environment is always a changing landscape, so we have to keep up with that.”

Computer Solutions has been working with Trinity to:

    • Educate faculty and staff through one-on-one meetings, virtual trainings and lunch and learn sessions.
    • Document adoptions barriers with stakeholders.
    • Align university resources.
    • Engage in adoption activities to accelerate the achievement of business outcomes.
    • Implement an ongoing adoption strategy around security.

Ken Knight, Account Manager at Computer Solutions, “We’re working with multiple individuals on their team to not only deploy the technology but then also work with their staff to roll it out to the students, faculty and staff as a whole.”

“Computer Solutions has been involved from the beginning with that. They’ve provided guidance in which possible solutions to find for those problems and to be proactive for tools that we can use for that in collaboration with Cisco.” (Gerno Reinard)

The work with Trinity is part of a long-standing relationship built on mutual respect and trust.

Tony Coleman, VP of Sales and Strategy at Computer Solutions, “We’ve done business with Trinity for a long-time, selling widgets here and there and helping them on projects. I think this has enabled us to provide a different perspective on our business relationship and us working together on common goals and outcomes for the school itself. It’s changed the dynamic; we’re not just like everybody else. We’re now a key business partner and we’re part of their business.”

Gerno Reinard, “I feel Computer Solutions always has our best interest in mind and gives us the solutions that are good for us, not necessarily what they need to sell us. But what in the end we need which to me fosters a good relationship and a long relationship.”

Working together, Computer Solutions and the Trinity team are enabling the university to reduce operating costs and deliver uncompromising protection to students, faculty and staff all while allowing their IT resources to focus on proactively delivering services to enhance the overall student experience at the university today and beyond tomorrow.

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