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Rubrik Product Spotlight

Rubrik Product Spotlight

Rubrik offers an array of cloud management solutions for companies embracing the cloud. Whether you’re interested in full cloud or hybrid, Rubrik consistently develops new ways to improve your cloud environment.


Rubrik Cloud Data Management

By providing a cloud-native approach, Rubrik cuts the cost of management for the entirety of your data’s lifespan. Rubrik provides management and protection for applications on-premise, in the cloud, and on the edge. By deploying the Rubrik appliance on-premise, you’ll send deduplicated data and save both bandwidth and egress costs. Tracking down files is also improved with enhanced search functionality making it easy to find your data.

Rubrik takes all aspects, such as Backup Software, Backup Servers, Backup Proxies, Replication, Catalog Database, Dedupe Metadata, Backup Storage, Tape, and Off Site Archive, from your data management systems and consolidates them into one reliable software stack. After inventorying the environment, data is transferred through to flash storage with the leftover flash available for backup in the future. With granular controls, Rubrik ensures only personnel with the appropriate access are allowed to interact with that has already undergone encryption.

Since it’s designed with protection in mind, Rubrik combats malware by saving your data in an immutable format, keeping it out of harm’s way during incidents similar to the WannaCry attacks that held an incredible amount of data hostage. By automatically executing policies, hands on maintenance is reduced thereby lowering the possibility of user error. Rubrik scales with ease for up to 1000 nodes making it easy to deploy throughout your environment.


Rubrik Polaris GPS: SaaS Virtualization

Rubrik Polaris GPS keeps an eye on your Rubrik environment, whether it’s physical, virtual, or in the cloud. For a seamless user experience, Polaris GPS accomplishes full visibility through various topologies and simplifies management tasks. By utilizing templates focused on capacity growth, SLA compliance, and protection status, Rubrik provides a solid position to begin customizing optimal monitoring. To further accelerate the user experience, filters can be applied to multiple data sources, helping to pinpoint the user’s search.

Visualization through Polaris GPS, an HTML5-based interface, is created by re-synthesizing your data guided by you through selected filters and groupings. Polaris GPS automatically detects any changes with your data, tracks it, and applies it to any charts and tables needed then using color cues to show specific categories.

SaaS capability allows virtualization of an environment and accessibility from anywhere through the browser, eliminating any need for installation. Updates to Rubrik’s software will automatically execute without delay or downtime.


Customer Benefits

Computer Solutions is an expert Rubrik partner and we have first-hand experience implementing it in a variety of environments.

 “With Rubrik, our customers really get out of the backup business and step forward into the set it and forget it business. The purpose built appliances provide an ease of use that is unmatched. Rubrik manages to do this without sacrificing performance and/or features as well.  With only a few hours required for setup, you can rest assured that you have reliable backups, and you can let your backups work for you in ways you never imagined.  Now you can run test/dev against backups, spin up reporting, or analytical databases without touching the production database.  All of these capabilities and many more help to make Rubrik an easy decision for us and our customers.”

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