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Barracuda Phishline: A New Defense Against Phishing Attacks

Barracuda is dedicated to providing trustworthy security and storage solutions. Expanding their network to 1000+ employees, 5000+ partners, and offices in 15 countries, Barracuda has served top tier solutions to customers like Coca-Cola, FedEx, and Harvard University. Recently, PhishLine has joined Barracuda to provide a custom phishing simulation and training with a variety of features focused on protecting your company and employees.

Phishing methods are designed to trick your employees into thinking they are opening a safe email, which could actually give a malicious entity access to your data. With PhishLine’s constantly updating training regimen and library of SCORM-compliant course-ware, you will learn how to identify and stop these attacks.

PhishLine is an easy-to-implement cloud based solution that can head-start your prevention program as quickly as possible.

  • Phishing (Email): Emails designed to trick your employees into allowing them access to networks.
  • Smishing (SMS): Identifying text messages with deceptive links.
  • Vishing (Voicemail): Voicemails that could potentially cost your company by targeting voicemail to email services your company uses
  •  Found Physical Media (USB Attacks): Devices left near a business to be picked up by unsuspecting employees and connected to the network.

Training customization allows you to tailor your training regimen to the needs of your employees and the company as a whole. Searching through hundreds of materials like simulation templates, landing pages, risk assessment surveys, and multi-lingual content, you’re in charge of your content. The built-in workflow engine helps deliver these courses as soon as the need is presented. You can pick which employees will receive these courses based on past actions and potential risk. Once employees are up to speed, they can identify and report any suspicious activities with one click.

Automation in the workplace is great way to optimize productivity and security. PhishLine can integrate with third-party programs like LDAP thereby instantly sending employees training against methods shown in actual events. With the PhishLine Workflow Subscription, data from multiple sources will be automatically updated, freeing up your time for other projects. Utilizing more than 16,000 data points from PhishLine’s advanced metrics gives you a multitude of reporting opportunities that go hand-in-hand with the workflow engine.

The threat of security breaches are a daily fear, but your company can fight back by identifying it before it can cause harm. Computer Solutions has a long standing relationship with Barracuda and look forward to helping make these security standards a reality. Contact your Account Executive for more information.