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Deploy Your Wi-fi with Style


Ventev Wireless Infrastructure has become an industry-leader by creating wireless infrastructure that accommodates even the most challenging environments. With Ventev, your employees and guests can enjoy stable wireless internet through aesthetically pleasing enclosures that seamlessly blend into the surrounding environment. Whether indoor or outdoor, Ventev has solutions to provide excellent wireless coverage under any circumstances.

School District Camera Power

Ventev strives to optimize power for your equipment. A Texas school district needed a solution to update their current camera system and support its expansion. The challenge they were faced with was finding a solution for intermittent power. In their search, they discovered Ventev’s Multi-Port Power Extender for Light Poles. Starting with a standard 120VAC input and one PoE port, Ventev increased the input to 480VAC and the number of PoE ports to five. Tailoring the enclosure to their needs, the solution provided consistent power from the battery bank to the camera throughout the day with the bank recharging over six hours to fully meet the next day’s power requirements. View the full case study here.

Football Stadium Handrail Enclosures

Ventev’s wireless care doesn’t stop there. They’ve created wireless enclosures for implementation in high traffic areas like Chicago’s Soldier Field which hosts national football games, world-class music concerts, international soccer, and more. Originally, the access points were installed under the seats and overhangs of the lower portion of the stadium, meaning a couple variables stood in the way. As body absorption and concrete hinder the strength and reliability of wireless connectivity, Ventev engineered a handrail enclosure capable of housing two Cisco 3802 Access Points that could accommodate various handrail sizes. With over 275 ADA compliant handrails throughout the stadium, Ventev delivered fast, reliable internet to keep fans connected and engaged. View the full case study here.

AvaSure Patient Monitoring and Safety

AvaSure specializes in monitoring and observation solutions. AvaSys TeleSitter that monitors all patients closely with features such as night vision, microphones, and speakers. The company had been utilizing utilized outdated dipole antennas that could not support 2×2 MIMO configuration which although AvaSure’s their Wi-Fi chipset couldsupported it. AvaSure sought out Ventev with hopes of finding an antenna with more durability and a lower profile to avoid potential damage to the devices, while satisfying their need for redundancy. Working with Ventev, they customized an antenna specific to their needs. Their efforts resulted in the Mini MIMO Omnidirectional Antenna sporting. The device sported 3”in x 5.4’i”n dimensions and cominge in at only and inch high. This antenna enables AvaSure to achieve seamless Wi-Fi through the device’sand redundancy capabilities, while keeping the device unobtrusive. With this new solution, hospitals across the U.S. are able to monitor their patients with fewer disruptions from the network. View the full case study here.

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Quality matters and Computer Solutions is dedicated to offering innovative solutions for our customers. To see how Ventev can conceal wireless in your environment, contact your account manager.