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Cisco Stealthwatch: 360° of Security Visibility

Cisco Stealthwatch Enterprise is another advancement in the fight against threats to your cloud environment. Stealthwatch gives you the ability to oversee activity from your onsite and offsite cloud services through Network Extension features made to keep you secure and in the loop.

Stealthwatch extends your network visibility by eliminating the need for decryption through Encrypted Traffic Analytics and Multilayer Machine Learning. You can enhance your NetFlow analysis capabilities and determine whether malware has infiltrated your network through your encryption traffic, giving you the chance to prevent any harm to your business.

People connect to corporate networks daily and with each connection, you network must determine if it is a threat. With a Cisco Stealthwatch Endpoint License, you have security professionals at your disposal to:

  • Efficiently investigate machines with suspicious behavior
  • Accelerate incident response
  • Remediate policy violations quickly.

With enhanced security at the endpoint, you can prevent threats from affecting your business.

Stealthwatch can also integrate with Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) to provide 360-degree visibility and increase your security presence across your network. Stealthwatch with ISE improves network segmentation, allows regulatory compliance, and boosts your operational efficiency. Stealthwatch collects the information from your network to identify the suspicious behavior and ISE provides you with the specifics of who, what, where, when, and how this behavior started. Through a next-generation access control platform, ISE provides the username, device type, location, type of connection, and more. Stealthwatch and ISE are a dynamic duo for pinpointing a threat and taking the steps needed to remediate and safeguard your network.

If you want to see Stealthwatch in action, join us for our Cisco Umbrella Road Trip event on February 1st for a first-hand look at Cisco’s suite of tools including Cloudlock, Umbrella, Stealthwatch.