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Cisco Cloudlock: Protection from the Ground Up

There’s a significant amount of risk presented to your data when transitioning to the cloud due to malicious domains targeting your business. Cisco CloudLock helps you move to the cloud safely by protecting your business with a simple, open, and automated APIs.



Threat Protection

Cisco CloudLock protects your users by recognizing suspicious activity on SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and IDaaS platforms by leveraging consolidated log storage, normalized log formats, preconfigured policies, and geolocation virtualization. Cloudlock integrates within your current IT infrastructure through SIEM, enabling you to investigate login behavior for thousands of apps through its integration with IDaaS, intrusion detection, and intrusions prevention tools.

You can establish thresholds in centralized policies and alerts that notify you when potential anomalies are discovered so your security team can quickly fortify your defenses.

By integrating within your current IT infrastructure through APIs, you can connect to your SIEM and ticketing system easily and investigate login behavior for thousands of apps.


Data Security

Cisco CloudLock is designed to protect your network from data breaches and inadvertent misuse by utilizing a highly-configurable data loss prevention engine. With multiple out-of-the-box policies and policy-driven response actions such as encryption, quarantine, and end-user notifications, Cisco Cloudlock arms you with tools to protect your environment retroactively and in real-time.


App Security

“Companies moving to cloud collaboration suites like Google Apps, aren’t just moving their data, they’re also fundamentally changing how third party apps gain access to that data. The shift to the cloud creates a new, virtual security perimeter that includes apps that read from and write to domain data, as well as the vendors behind them,” said Gil Zimmermann, CEO and Co-Founder of CloudLock.

An industry first, Cisco Cloudlock Apps Firewall gives your users freedom and flexibility while giving you peace of mind by enabling you to maintain control over how these apps access sensitive information. You can protect the domain from unapproved application access as well as monitor and discover new applications used in your environment. Cloudlock Apps firewall provides unmatched cloud traffic visibility and ensures your employees stay productive while keeping you safe.


If you want to see how Cloudlock combine with the rest of the Cisco Security Suite to make a formidable defense against malicious attacks, join us for our Cisco Umbrella Road Trip event on February 1st for a first-hand look at Cisco’s suite of tools including Cloudlock, Umbrella, Stealthwatch.