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Cisco Umbrella: Absolute Protection

Cloud systems are becoming part of our everyday lives, even more so if you work for a company that needs to handle large amounts of data. While cloud systems are a great way to store and access data, they are vulnerable to malware and ransomware. Many security policies prevent malicious access to the network but in many cases, the malware is too fast or smart and bypasses your defenses to inflict serious damage to your business. A contributing factor to these breaches is limited visibility across the network as well as strained resources who aren’t ready to integrate new, unfamiliar security technology.

It’s no walk in the park to manage your own security. Luckily, Cisco Umbrella protects your environment against all of these problems.





Malware & Ransomware Prevention

Cisco Umbrella protects devices when they are online or offline by analyzing internet activity to automatically identify malicious patterns. Cisco Umbrella uses this information to prevent any current and upcoming threats before they reach your network or endpoints.



Cisco Umbrella is built into the foundation of the internet by using the internet’s infrastructure to stop malicious destinations before they make contact. Because of this, Cisco Umbrella maintains visibility across the entire network, monitoring all internet activity. Nothing goes unprotected.


Manageability & Reliability

Cisco Umbrella is one of the easiest cloud based security platforms to deploy and manage. Cisco Umbrella can be deployed enterprise-wide in minutes and is supported by Cisco’s outstanding infrastructure. Cisco networks have maintained 100% uptime since 2006 and handles 2% of the world’s internet activity.



Cisco Umbrella’s in-depth reporting capabilities provide an endless amount of data to help you build an actionable intelligence strategy to address security threats. Reporting begins as soon as you start sending traffic to Cisco Umbrella and include a variety of reports including:

  • Identities: Monitor devices in real time, to identify potential victims as well as the sites they are visiting. Should you find any malicious domains during a chosen time or user, you will be able to block access to the domain.
  • Destinations: Identify the most active destinations per identity, then assess this traffic against the entire Umbrella global network.
  • Cloud Services: Review Cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) use within your network. These reports filter data be cloud service name, identity, and classification.
  • Security Activity: Review malware, phishing and all other security categories by identity, destination, and source IP.

Cisco Umbrella delivers the very best security and is trusted by well-known companies such as Comcast, Yelp, and Pinterest. With Cisco Umbrella, you can protect your users in minutes and gain immediate access to Cisco’s extensive threat intelligence and reports.


If you want to see Cisco Umbrella in action, join us for our Cisco Umbrella Road Trip event on February 1st. See you there!