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Improving your Network with Cisco Hyperflex

Cisco HyperFlex is here to improve your network by enhancing your data management, optimization, and distribution.


Data Management

Cisco HyperFlex reduces the time spent working on routine tasks with instant provisioning, cloning, snapshots, replication, and data-at-rest encryption capabilities. HyperFlex detects the addition and removal of nodes in your network and scales itself to accommodate thereby reducing the time you spend managing data. Through the use of redundant data copies, HyperFlex can notify you when a failure has occurred enabling you to address issues before they affect your data.


Data Optimization

With inline, always-active compression, you can optimize your data management by reducing the space needed for new information. HyperFlex optimizes flash storage by writing to SSDs sequentially to increase performance while lowering latency. HyperFlex also works with VMware vSphere to put provisioning control in your hands, providing insight on each cluster and the ability to assign storage at a minimal click rate. HyperFlex enables every facet of your infrastructure (compute, systems, and network) to work together to manage your environment by combining and sharing resources across the cluster.


Data Distribution

Cisco HyperFlex ensures your data is distributed throughout your storage as efficiently as possible. By securing and optimizing your data, HyperFlex prevents data pile up and increases IO performance. Cisco HyperFlex also scales with your environment. When your compute, caching, or capacity needs increase, Cisco HyperFlex can accommodate by allowing the effortless expansion of new nodes.

Complete hyperconvergence can be achieved through Cisco HyperFlex. If you’re interested in learning more, or want to see a live demo, contact your account manager for more information.