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Datto SIRIS 3

Business balances heavily on your company’s data, making its security the most important part of your network. Any company can stop dead in its tracks if their data becomes compromised. With cyberattacks increasing in frequency and potency, no amount of security is too much. Datto’s SIRIS 3 platform is here to provide you with a full data protection solution in one integrated package. Whether your system operates on Windows, Mac, or Linux, SIRIS 3 has you covered. Providing sophisticated features, SIRIS 3 uses the latest technologies to keep you running.


Inverse Chain Technology:

This technology leverages ZFS and Datto proprietary technology to avoid breaking a backup chain. By making each fully constructed image ready to boot, a chain doesn’t have to be re-established. Inverse chain technology effectively lessens the time needed for recovery. With these images SIRIS will compare your current files to those in the image and give you an itemized list of missing files. Simply click and recover.


Hybrid Cloud Architecture

With Datto’s Hybrid Cloud architecture, you can expand your storage capacity as well as your virtualization capacity in support of recovery. The expansion will be connected back to your business until recovery is complete.


ZFS Open Source Community

By utilizing ZFS as their building block file system, Datto can achieve protection against data corruption while supporting high storage capacities, efficient data compression, snapshots and copy-on-write clones, continuous integrity checking, and much more. Datto continues to improve their innovations with ZFS to give you the most for your money.


Instant Virtualization

It is without question that the loss of data is detrimental to your business. By creating “copy on write” snapshots, your data can be brought back in seconds. These images can be accessed through the SIRIS device as well as through the virtual machine.


Diskless Restoration

Normally when disaster strikes your hardware becomes inoperable due to a failed storage system. Without this, almost nothing can be accomplished or even accessed. SIRIS 3 has the ability to restore your server system by mounting the snapshots with Diskless Restore.
Datto SIRIS 3 is very time efficient and effective. Datto has even worked with companies to ward off ransomware attacks that freed 300,000 files with ease by utilizing the snapshots for recovery. If interested in a deep dive on SIRIS 3, join us at our upcoming event for a live disaster recovery demonstration.