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Cisco AMP, Umbrella, and CloudLock

The way we work has changed. Has your enterprise security changed with it? Once the standard for protection, perimeter security is not enough in today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape. Current estimates indicate that 25 percent of corporate data traffic will bypass perimeter security protections by 2018, and companies worldwide are scrambling to keep up. Enter the Cisco security suite …



Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)

Cisco AMP stops malware in its tracks by providing malware prevention in real time with the help of Cisco Talos experts. Cisco AMP analyzes terabytes worth of files, telemetry data, and file behavior to fend off known and undiscovered malware. Cisco AMP also monitors your files and issues a retrospective alert when a file becomes malicious. With advanced sandbox capabilities, AMP identifies threats by analyzing them against over 700 behavioral indicators. Featuring a browser-based management console, administrators can trace the history of malicious files and see how it entered their environment and every stop along the way.

Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella is a cloud security strategy that provides the first line of defense against incoming threats. Blocking malicious destinations before a connection is delivered, Umbrella stops threats over all ports and protocols. Working in collaboration with AMP’s Threat Grid, Umbrella gains insight to detect patterns and create statistical models to identify potential malware and stop future attacks. Deployment takes minutes and there is no hardware to install. With a browser-based interface, central and local administration is effortless for even the most complex organization.


The CloudLock Cloud Security Fabric is a CASB and Cloud Cybersecurity platform made to bring you the ability to actively control your cloud-based application security. CloudLock installs in minutes and provides security for many applications such as IaaS, PaaS, and IDaaS. CloudLock fends off threats with user and Entity Behavior Analytics (EUBA) and prevents data loss from threats with encryption at a file and folder level. CloudLock also offers SecOps & Forensics to monitor who accesses your files and its permission history. With over 150,000 discovered and 10 million users under management, CloudLock has the capability to monitor more than 1 billion files daily.

Cisco provides a powerful suite of tools to add to your security arsenal. If you’re ready to learn more, contact us.