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Protect Your Business with NetWatch Security

Netwatch Security is a multilayered defense providing multiple methods of protection against malware and security breaches. Cyberattacks grow more sophisticated and pose greater threats than before so we double up our efforts because when it comes to security, it’s never safe to be without a backup plan. Our security offering covers your entire stack from the edge to the endpoint, and has the intelligence you need to detect and protect.

Today, many security solutions are strictly reactive; however, NetWatch Security is a proactive approach that provides regular vulnerability scans in addition to penetration testing from our partners at a reasonable cost. Our technology allows us to apply surveillance to track, identify, and stop attacks wherever they may originate in your environment.

Featuring industry-leading security technology and a dedicated team of certified security experts, NetWatch Security can be bundled with other NetWatch offerings, or as a standalone service. Built to be scalable and flexible, NetWatch Security includes:

  • Next-generation firewall management, monitoring, and administration.
  • IPS/IDS management, monitoring, and administration.
  • Log aggregation and SEIM (Security Event and Incident Management) intelligence with forensic investigation by certified security experts 24 x 7 via our U.S.-based security operations center.
  • Automated patch management on Microsoft Windows servers and workstations, in addition to 3rd party applications such as Java, Adobe, and more.
  • DNS-level Internet traffic protection from malicious websites.
  • 2 different antivirus/malware tools working concurrently.
  • Automated breach detection with behavioral intelligence.
  • Remediation assistance.
  • Proactive vulnerability scans available on-demand or automated on a monthly/quarterly basis with reporting.
  • Penetration testing by certified, ethical hackers utilizing social engineering, phishing, spear phishing, etc.

NetWatch Security is a well-rounded, multi-layered approach using proven security technology techniques with the intelligence and certified security experts to tie it all together.

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