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Pinpoint Your Problems with IR Prognosis

IR Prognosis is a systems performance management system for Unified Communications (UC) products such as Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft, Skype for Business, Alcatel-Lucent, Oracle, Sonus, and AudioCodes. With IR Prognosis, you obtain visibility across an entire UC environment, including multiple vendors.

Setting up Prognosis between you and your managed services provider gives your provider the ability to discover and remediate issues before you know they are there. Prognosis will analyze any patterns that could lead to an issue and informs your provider through triggered intelligent alerts.


Prognosis also has the ability to notify you on the go with secure mobile access. With the iOS App Prognosis First Responder, you can prioritize any concerns that arise. Once you are notified, your team can begin troubleshooting procedures thereby minimizing downtime by expediting remediation.

Through real-time call data for diagnosis, Prognosis also provides visibility for both sides of the call. You can investigate an entire call timeline to determine how and when issues occur and Prognosis will report where your issue is located. Should communications fail, Prognosis will automate how to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

IR Prognosis is an innovative solution that transforms how businesses manage a complicated UC environment. A Customer using IR Prognosis described their experience as, “like someone had turned on the lights on our entire communications systems, and the team could now start troubleshooting because they were no longer working in the dark.”

If you’re curious how IR Prognosis can illuminate and bring clarity to your UC management, contact us.