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Unitrends Cloud Backup for Office 365

In our last post, we took a look at the 7 plans for Microsoft Office 365 and made recommendations for each as Office 365 has expanded to several features since its inception two years ago. With over 60 million Office 365 commercial users, Office 365 is quickly gaining ground among small businesses and enterprise customers. In the past year, more than a third of the total Office 365 users have adopted Office 365 within the last year with usage growing at 63% per year.

Given this rapid transition, businesses should take care to secure their data. A common misconception is that data stored in a cloud-based service is safeguarded from loss. However, data stored in the cloud is vulnerable to theft as well as technical difficulties. Luckily, Unitrends has a solution.

Cloud Backup for Office 365 is part of Unitrends ongoing expansion of the Unitrends Connected Continuity Platform which combines leading continuity apps into a single platform for increased manageability and flexibility. Encompassing Email, OneDrive, and SharePoint, Unitrends’ Cloud Backup for Office 365 protects your data and provides recovery in minutes. Unitrends Cloud Backup provides unlimited retention, and takes snapshots multiple times daily to ensure your business doesn’t skip a beat.


Unitrends Cloud Backup for Office 365 Features

Exchange Online Email Recovery in Seconds

Featuring quick searching through an intuitive interface, you can restore folders, contacts, and entire mailboxes.

Point-in-Time Rollback for SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online sites are automatically discovered and backed up. Rollback to specific versions of files while restoring permissions and attributes associated with that data.

Delete-Proof Protection for OneDrive for Business

All deletions are backed up allowing you to go back to any version and restore your datasets easily.

Automatic Protection for New Users

As users join or leave your environment, or other configuration changes occur, all changes are automatically backed up.

Unlimited Retention

No caps on your data or storage.

Industry’s Best RPO for Office 365

Snapshots are recorded 6 times a day, more often than any competing service.

Secure Backup

AES-356 encryption with RSA 2048-bit public private key certificates.


Ready to secure your Office365 data? Contact your Account Executive and our team can help you setup Unitrends Cloud Backup for Office 365 or help you navigate Unitrends other continuity tools.