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HyperGrid Appliance: All-Flash and Built to Last

Hypergrid’s all-flash HyperConverged Appliance (HCA) combines compute, storage area network, and storage into a single system. Featuring erasure coding to use 50% less storage and system load than other platforms, the HCA delivers an efficient, high performance architecture that is 6-10 times faster than a traditional infrastructure.

With self-encrypting drives (SEDs) securing your data, the HCA utilizes hardware-based Full Data Encryption (FDE) to restrict unauthorized access to your data. The encryption engine is integrated within the drive’s controller and with HyperGrid, all SEDs conform to the TCG Storage Security Subsystem Class Enterprise Specification (TCG-E), a framework informed by industry standards for the highest level of security.

For intensive graphic applications, each HCA supports up to two Gridstore Graphics Nodes (FGN) with up to 12 drives per node. This transfers processing duties to the GPU rather than the CPU to increase performance and improve user experience.

Through in-kernel processing, the HCA provides easy deployment and cost-effective scaling up to 256 nodes with up to six drives per node. This mix of all-flash hyperconverged nodes and all-flash storage-only nodes means flexibility, and the ability to customize as your business grows. Choose from three configurations and three SSD options to build a system that fits your budget. Learn More