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Kari’s Law and 911 Service

For a multi-line telephone system that provides outbound dialing, Kari’s Law requires direct access to 9-1-1 service without the user having to first dial an initial number, digit, prefix or other access number or code before dialing 9-1-1. On March 1, 2016 the Commission on State Emergency Communications adopted Rule 251.16 (Direct Access to 9-1-1 Service) to implement Kari’s Law.

Compliance with Kari’s Law is required by September 1, 2016. Learn more

Many people implement 9-9-1-1 to avoid accidental calls to the emergency operator.  Computer Solutions Collaboration engineers can help you modify your Cisco Unified Communications Manager dial plan to avoid accidental 9-1-1 calls and also comply with this law.  Please contact your account executive or use this form for details on how we can help.