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End of Sale: Cisco UCM user licenses and DLUs for version 8 and below

After the end of July, user licenses and device license units (DLUs) will be unavailable for Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) version 8 and below. You will be unable to add new users or devices to your CUCM cluster once all your DLUs are in use.

Upgrading to CUCM Version 11

An alternative to buying these licenses is upgrading to CUCM version 11. Featuring updated capabilities for enhancing collaboration, version 11 provides industry-leading reliability, security, scalability, efficiency, and enterprise call and session management.

Unified Communications Manager Version 11 builds upon prior versions to deliver better user experiences, lower cost of ownership, and extended collaboration beyond the firewall. Key improvements include:

Integration through Microsoft Active Directory providing enhanced administration, serviceability, and user options and preferences for Instant Messaging & Presence.

Next-generation encryption support including the Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 and Advanced Encryption Standard 256 (AES-256) and Rivest-Shamir Adelman (RSA).

Ease of management by expanding the cluster through Cisco Prime Collaboration deployment.

Conference bridging allowing internal and external callers to join through an interactive voice response (IVR) directory number.

Microsoft Active Directory group searching through Jabber.

Emergency Response (ELIN) groups enabling administrators to assign the appropriate emergency call method.



Released in 2015, Cisco CUCM Version 11 will be supported for several years and upgrading to this version is highly recommended by Cisco to ensure your access to ongoing support.

Whether you are ready to upgrade or need to assess how upgrading will affect your environment, Computer Solutions can help. As a Cisco Master Collaboration Partner, we are experts in deploying CUCM. Email us or call 210-369-0300 to get started.