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How NetWatch Rescued Guido & Companies Communications

Guido & Companies approached Computer Solutions after a failed relationship with their current provider. Displaying a total lack of ownership through unreliable and inconsistent service, Guido & Companies’ employees experienced numerous interruptions with unscheduled maintenance and outages that affected their productivity and ability to work undisturbed. Understanding the detrimental effects caused by their oversight, Guido & Companies decided to pursue an alternative partner.

After researching multiple providers and referrals, Guido contacted Computer Solutions for an introduction to NetWatch Managed Services. Impressed by our proposal, Guido decided to move forward with the NetWatch IT offering. However, once their existing provider learned of their intent to transition to NetWatch, their provider shut down Guido’s email service. Blindsided by their malicious actions, Guido was suddenly in need of an emergency intervention.

With little notice, NetWatch migrated the entire company to Microsoft Office 365 to restore email access and minimize disruption to the business’ communications. Once email was stable, NetWatch proceeded to conduct a Current State Assessment to determine the health of Guido’s IT environment. Through our suite of monitoring tools, we discovered many high risk issues in need of immediate attention as they compromised the stability and security of the Guido IT infrastructure. Data integrity was at risk as storage operated at an average of 81% capacity and a lack of vital firmware updates presented severe security concerns as the environment remained vulnerable against prevalent malware and software exploits. Furthermore, Guido IT administrators were unable to access network devices preventing any attempts for troubleshooting network problems.

NetWatch reviewed these issues with Guido and established a remediation strategy for addressing the most serious concerns as well policies for adhering to best practices to ensure the environment would run at optimal performance.

These strategies proved successful as our efforts resulted in a dramatic decrease of support tickets from Guido end-users.


Our involvement has increased end-user satisfaction and strengthened the stability of Guido’s IT environment to create a foundation that encourages consistent productivity with minimal downtime. Establishing a long-lasting relationship with Guido, NetWatch was a welcome addition as the business could focus on growing and achieving success.

Maryanne Guido, CEO of Guido & Companies, was kind enough to share her thoughts regarding our NetWatch team.

“Computer Solutions came in at a critical time, accessed and remediated the environment. They have a deep bench, that communicates well with our IT staff and upper management as well. Their Net Watch offering, maintains our IT infrastructure – resolving issues before we even know a problem exists.

“We have never felt more confident about our IT structure, which allows us to focus on our core business. Our team agrees we could not have made a better choice!” ~ Maryanne Guido