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IT is evolving, and while you want to evolve with it, you also know that major IT infrastructure changes carry far-reaching implications. So what do you do? Simple. Enlist our team of certified engineers and solutions architects to help you build a roadmap to your IT future.

Cloud: Know Before You Go

Scalability. Cost savings. Security. There are many reasons why an organization may choose to go to the cloud. Indeed, the current shift away from on-prem infrastructure represents an unprecedented step in the evolution of enterprise IT, but it’s not terrain that should be explored without a plan. That’s where our cloud assessments come in.

Ready. Set. Cloud.

Do you need help developing a cloud migration plan? Our comprehensive readiness assessment is the first step towards maximizing the value afforded by cloud, while maintaining a seamless and reliable operating environment. The process is simple:

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Combining the latest automated tools with detailed in-person interviews, our cloud assessments gather both quantitative and qualitative data to create a more comprehensive picture of your IT environment.

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All cloud audits are not created equal. Our solutions architects carry the latest certifications and will walk you through your current workload requirements to identify the best cloud entry points based upon your unique business needs.

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Cloud services are only as good as the plan by which they’re implemented. Our solution architects will develop a cloud migration strategy that increases your operational capacity while taking advantage of the cost savings cloud provides.

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Choosing the Right Cloud

Not sure which cloud platform is best for you? While public cloud offers enhanced scalability and cost savings, many organizations are drawn to the enhanced security and risk management afforded by private cloud. For most, the answer lies somewhere in the middle. Computer Solutions’ Cloud Readiness Assessments can help with that too. Our team will help you identify what to leave on-prem, what to take to the cloud, and which cloud platform is right for you.

Ready To Get Started?

Our mission is to develop long-term relationships with our clients to help them reach their business goals, no matter what stage in the lifecycle they are in. From current state assessments to implementation and ongoing support, our team of technology experts can help you design and deliver IT solutions that are cost efficient and value-driven.

Partnering with strategic vendors such as Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, Microsoft Azure and more, we can give you a one-stop shop for the hardware and SaaS products you need to build out your technology environment.

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