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Watch an environment get back on its feet.

A solid recovery and business continuity plan is necessary for ensuring your business can recover after a disaster. Catastrophe presents itself in many ways so the question is no longer what to do if a disaster happens, it is how to recover when it does and how to minimize the impact.

During our demonstration, we’ll simulate a disaster and show you how to bring your environment back up in real time.


What you’ll learn

What is Business Continuity?

Learn how a business continuity plan can help your business prepare for a disaster. We’ll discuss backup techniques and best practices as well as the advantages and disadvantages of various backup strategies.

How to Recover from a Disaster

Watch as we perform a live disaster recovery. We’ll physically destroy a server, then bring it back online through Datto’s SIRIS 3 platform.

How NetWatch Can Help

When disaster strikes, NetWatch can ensure your business stays running. With industry-leading recovery technologies, NetWatch protects your infrastructure by creating cloud backups and can initiate your recovery in minutes.

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